GRAIN MEADOW TRADING L.L.C offers a wide range of a great quality products.

Ropes, Sacks & Jute Bags

Jute is a fibrous plant of the linden family. From ancient times, bags were made from jute, which had excellent hygroscopic properties. Thanks to which moisture did not get to the jammed product. Jute is a natural material used to make strong ropes and ropes. The canvas from this durable natural fiber has a uniform woven pattern with a pronounced texture. It clearly dominates other elements of the painting.

Irrigation Equipment & Requisites

Equipment for irrigation, irrigation and watering: sprinkling, drip irrigation, pipes, accessories Irrigation or irrigation — bringing water to fields experiencing a lack of moisture and increasing its reserves in the soil layer where the roots of plants are located, in order to increase soil fertility. Irrigation is one of the types of land reclamation. Irrigation improves the supply of moisture and nutrients to plant roots, lowers the temperature of the surface air layer and increases its humidity.

Grains, Cereals & Legumes

A wide selection and of grains, cereals and legumes. The main crops are wheat, barley, oats, corn, rice, buckwheat and peas. Cereals are the main source of calories in most developing countries. Grain crops are the most important group of cultivated plants in human economic activity, which provide grain, the main human food product (cereals), raw materials for many industries and feed for farm animals. Cereal crops are divided into legumes, which belong to the legume family, and cereals.

Agricultural Equpment & Accessories

GRAIN MEADOW TRADING L.L.C provides its customers with a wide range of various agricultural equipment. Agriculture is one of the oldest and most important types of human activity. Since time immemorial, the earth has nourished man, but it also requires a certain amount of care for itself. Primitive society used sticks and other primitive implements for farming. Buying agricultural machinery from GRAIN MEADOW TRADING L.L.C. now means automating the process. We sell: grain throwers, tractors, tractor trailers, grain cleaning machines, grain processing machines, tractors, combines and all necessary equipment and spare parts for their long-term use and maintenance.

Ghee & Vegetable Oil

Ghee butter is a butter, during the processing of which water and milk protein-casein are completely removed. The product is based on: linoleic acid (5-6% by volume), vitamin E, A, D, B3, calcium, sodium and potassium. Also at the base are unsaturated fatty acids: fat content - up to 100%, protein part - about 0, carbohydrates - about 0, calorie content - 892 kcal. In the process of melting over low heat, all water and milk solids, impurities are removed from the butter. Pure ghee is ghee. This type of fat is especially common in South Asian countries, in particular in India. Pure ghee is a concentrate of vitamin E (the strongest antioxidant), A and fatty acids, including valuable linoleic acid. In addition, ghee does not contain lactose and can be consumed even by people with lactose intolerance. GRAIN MEADOW TRADING L.L.C also offers an excellent selection of vegetable oils from a variety of vegetable crops.

Animals & Brids Feed

Feeds for cattle, animals and horses presented by GRAIN MEADOW TRADING L.L.C are characterized by the presence of vitamins (A, D, E, K, C, group B), trace elements (iron, copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt, iodine, selenium) , molybdenum), macronutrients (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, sulfur), antioxidants, antimicrobials (feed antibiotics), enzyme preparations. Contribute to the prevention of diseases associated with a deficiency of vitamins, macro- and microelements; Increase the digestibility of feed nutrients, while increasing the productivity of animals up to 12-15%, with reduced feed consumption per unit of production; Increase the immunity of the animal, the overall resistance of the organism to diseases, to the harmful effects of small doses of chemicals, radioisotopes, mycotoxins; Improve the nutritional value of milk and meat.

Green Houses & Equipment

GRAIN MEADOW TRADING L.L.C is engaged in the development, design and sale of Green houses and all the equipment necessary for them. The main priority of green building is the construction of buildings and their operation, which does not have a harmful impact on the natural environment. This is achieved through energy efficiency and continuous improvement in the quality of construction work. The "green" status of buildings is confirmed by the international European standard BREEAM. It was created in the 90s of the last century in England. The prerequisites for its appearance were the general course of development of the UK towards a "green" economy, which is based on energy-saving technologies. "Green" building according to the BREEAM standard has become popular in many countries of the world. Interest in green building is very high.

Food & Beverages

The range of GRAIN MEADOW TRADING L.L.C includes greenhouses and greenhouses under film and polycarbonate. We offer a wide selection of greenhouses for beginners, experienced gardeners and large farms. The frames of our greenhouses are made from a square metal pipe or an open omega profile (W profile). All metal parts of the frames are galvanized inside and out by the method of hot galvanizing (immersion of products in molten zinc at a temperature of 450-480 °C), which provides them with the best protective properties in contrast to cold, thermodiffusion or galvanic galvanizing. The service life of the square galvanized pipe frame is 10+ years. The range of greenhouses and greenhouses of GRAIN MEADOW TRADING L.L.C includes models that are covered with one integral film cover cut from a three-layer reinforced film. Thanks to the one-piece film cover, the greenhouses are very easy and quick to mount, and the reinforced film gives the coating high strength and long-term use.

Mission, Goals and Values

Mission, Goals and Values

Our mission

GRAIN MEADOW TRADING L.L.C focuses on increasing operational efficiency. The difficult conjuncture of the agrarian and agricultural markets requires intensifying work on cost reduction and the use of optimal production technologies.

Our goals

Increasing the economic efficiency of agricultural enterprises through the dissemination and implementation of innovative highly efficient resource-saving and organic technologies.

Our values

Working on the agricultural market, we are aware of our contribution to the development of the agricultural market, and therefore we always supply high-quality goods and services, grains and oilseeds, as well as products of their processing.

About us

GRAIN MEADOW TRADING L.L.C is a prominent player and sales leader in the global agricultural market. A variety of products and the latest approach guarantee high quality and reliability of cooperation. The combination of different groups of goods and services has a positive effect on the attitude of customers to the company. GRAIN MEADOW TRADING L.L.C is a market leader in the implementation, design and installation of Green Houses and the sale of related materials and equipment. GRAIN MEADOW TRADING L.L.C is always an individual approach to the client, fresh solutions and a team of people full of inspiration and creative ideas! The company constantly improves the quality of services and services, introducing the most successful and efficient trading practices. We actively declare ourselves by taking part in various social projects as a sponsor and philanthropist.


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